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Volcan de Fuego


Shortly after the volcano eruption in the beginning of June, SERES saw a clear need to lead the coordination and management of supplies, donations and volunteers so that the relief efforts could be targeted in an effective and strategic manner. In collaboration with two other NGOs – Familias de Esperanza and WINGS – SERES established an Information Center. The Center is strategically channeling support for those most impacted by the disaster in an efficient, effective and dignified manner that contributes towards short-term relief as well as long-term assistance for reconstruction and sustainable livelihoods. Below, you will find the latest information about the disaster response, as well as ways in which you can be involved to help us support these communities in not just bouncing back, but bouncing forward towards a more resilient, sustainable future.


SERES is working to support people from the communities directly impacted by the Volcán de Fuego eruption in Guatemala to “bounce forward”, achieving resiliency and sustainability through economic and social transformation by 2025.

Our “Pathways to Resilience” project will support young survivors of the Volcán de Fuego disaster to create resilience, lead healthy, productive lives and build resilient, sustainable communities by engaging and empowering young people from the impacted area to play a key role in designing and implementing community projects for the transitional shelter camps as well as their new homes.

Help create a pathway towards resilience for a young person today.


To be a volunteer is to share our own humanity with others and connect on a personal level. There is still so much to be done, which will only be possible with the help of volunteers who can give their time and energy to helping people rebuild. Do you want to support the families affected by Volcán de Fuego? There are many ways to do it. Whether it’s supporting collection centers to organize donations, creating inventories of all the medical supplies, or helping to distribute food in temporary shelters, there’s a role for you!

To learn more about how to get involved, you can contact our Fuego Information Center, send a WhatsApp message to +502 4889 0169 or visit Volunca.


Thousands of people impacted by the disaster have been living in temporary shelters for the past two months. The next step is for these families to move into transitional shelters known as “ATUs” (Single family transitional shelter). The ATUs are dismountable modules that will provide shelter and privacy for families and individuals whose homes were destroyed or are in areas too dangerous to return to. It is estimated that people will be here for approximately 2 years. We want to make sure that these 2 years living in temporary shelters will be as dignified and humane as possible. There are still many needs to be met (such as beds, furniture and basic infrastructure) and new challenges arise every day – we are here to meet those challenges and support these families in their transitional camps.

If you’d like to help us meet the needs of the transition camps, please contact us and we can provide an up-to-date list of what is required.


We are working side-by-side with community leaders, government institutions and other NGOs to coordinate an effective, efficient and sustainable response to the Fuego disaster. This includes channeling donations of time, money and goods to where they are most needed. There are still many physical and material needs, and a long way to go for families affected by the disaster to recover their lives and livelihoods. Your support is greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards helping this happen.

If you’d like to know more about making a donation to SERES or finding out where your support is most needed, please feel free to contact us with any questions. 



“El viaje desde Antigua a Alotenango fue toda una experiencia. Nos gustó haber podido ayudar a organizar algo de lo que hay en el Acopio. Hizo un poco de calor y hay muchas cosas por organizar. Todas las personas fueron muy amables y muy atentos con nosotros. Esperamos que se involucren más voluntarios porque se necesita mucha ayuda. Hasta pronto Guatemala, que te recuperes.”



“Every person involved was so very kind. It was amazing to be contributing with people who clearly care so much. Elio was especially amazing; he is such a hard worker, very professional and very kind. It was not a problem at all that we know very little Spanish; everyone was very welcoming. We would recommend anyone visiting Guatemala to volunteer with this organization if possible. We are all united as humans and we are grateful to have had an opportunity to help”.

Sasha & Seth


“The experience was good – they have so much to do and I was glad to help out a little. Also, Hipólito was very kind and informative. Thanks to SERES, for setting it up.”




A little history

Among the historically most relevant eruptions of the Volcán de Fuego, the following stand out: 1582, which destroyed the town of San Pedro Yepocapa. 1585 where there was a rain of pyroclasts. In 1717 there was a strong eruption that lasted four months and the ash reached Petén and El Salvador. In 1932 there was a fall of ash that [...]

Thousands Evacuated

We are continuing to work tirelessly to help ensure the populations impacted by Fuego’s eruption get help and support to move on from the disaster. Throughout July, we countless meetings with organizations, government institutions and NGOs to share data and analyze new needs that have arisen to be able to give solutions The following information is the most up-to-date information [...]

Visualizing the Impact

The following interactive map allows you to see the area around Volcán de Fuego, impacted populations and risk from flooding and lahars:

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“No other institution or organization is offering such holistic and safe learning spaces as SERES does. Thanks for everything.”

Marta Vargas, SERES Ambassador

“SERES means a lot in my life. It’s a circle of friendship for learning, transformation and personal growth. It’s a place of trust and confidence. As a SERES facilitator, I get to transmit all of this to other people”

Wilson Sánchez, SERES Facilitator

“The tools that SERES teaches us help us to replicate the work in our communities…we can reach more people, empower more youth, and make our action plans at the local level known at the regional level.”

Julio Tojín, SERES Ambassador

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Gaspar Laines Juil

“I have felt included and connected from the minute that I became involved (in SERES). It has helped me grow in my own personal leadership. SERES never tells me what to do, but they support me to make the decisions that are right for me.”

Axel Salanic

“To feel that I’m a part of a movement at the level of UNESCO has confirmed for me that I am doing valuable things. I’m fortunate to belong to this global movement for action”

Antonio Cruz Sanchez, SERES co-founder
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