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Great News! Passionate architects are working on the Communiversity!

Through Journeyman International, the Communiversity is now a dream that passionate architects are working on. What started as an idea is now being shaped into professional design. "One of Journeyman International's primary goals is to partner with worthy organizations that are doing incredible humanitarian work.  SERES is one of those organizations.  We are thrilled to [...]

The next big thing

When one door closes another one opens, or so the saying goes. And so it is with SERES training center. While we sadly say goodbye to the SERES Embassy - which has been home to so many and has trained over 100 youth in the last two years - we turn our sights to SERES' new [...]

Starving for Wisdom

By Corrina Grace, SERES co-founder, Executive Director and Practitioner-in-Residence at University of California, Irvine. In this age, when in the words of E.O.Wilson we are “drowning in information, while starving for wisdom”, SERES seeks to answer the compelling and critical question: what is the essential learning that we must provide to our young people whose coming of age [...]

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