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How to catalyze the powerful role each woman has in the middle of difficult situations?

Glendy, Edith and Flor.
Glendy, Edith and Flor. 

The past few weeks have been a little … strange. We are in the middle of a new, complex and overwhelming situation – COVID-19. We see and hear news everywhere, and often leave us with more questions than answers.

 A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to participate in the International Women’s Day march in Tecpán, Chimaltenango. That day, women took the spotlight, they shined and made visible the gender equality fight and access to the same opportunities in a patriarchal society.

“It is necessary to get involved as women in this sort of activity and to raise our voice..” Participant.

 We had the opportunity to bring children, women, men, SERES’ youth network, Impact Marathon’s runners and many others together, who joined the movement to promote equality and justice between women and men in the community.

It was an unforgettable day!

How have we managed to mobilize and raise awareness in Tecpán?

Over the years, the community has found role models that have become reference points for young people seeking support, mentorship, and, above all, a change in their community.

 Today we want to highlight three young women who have achieved this and they are…  extraordinary, they are a team out of this world!

These three strong young women have been part of SERES’ programs and they have become important in leading the ConeXpacio – our youth center – in Tecpán.

Glendy, Edith, and Flor organize and facilitate events, peer learning and, support the creation of new circles of youth leaders in their communities.

 They are sharing with us their thoughts of the role of empowered women in Tecpán.

How are we empowering the women of Tecpán?

 “It is important to recognize the role of women to create deep dialogues of the ideal society for us, the dreams we have, the opportunities we want, how we would like this system to be. Together we can think, and action to have more impact and participation in different spaces. I truly believe that it is necessary to open training and empowerment spaces for women and youth. In our case, we are doing it through the programs and activities that we promote at ConexSpacio in Tecpán. So far, we have worked, trained and empowered 180 women and 90 young men. We believe in creating new opportunities, and therefore, this year we want to focus on activities and workshops that women and young people request, as well as to collaborate and to join forces with other organizations.” Glendy

“For me –  International Women’s Day – represents the struggle of women who have excelled and who have an active role within society. They think over our position – as women – on gender equality, on our right to live without violence and on development opportunities.” Edith

“We are empowering women in Tecpán by listening to them, by giving them a space free of judgment and inclusive in all the activities.” – Flor.

How to catalyze the powerful role each woman has in the middle of difficult situations? 

“As women, we have natural abilities that make us think and reflect much better in the different situations we go through. This results in wise decision-making to face problems and emergencies that we go through. Right now, young people are following preventive measures at home, and community authorities are also fulfilling the roles the government and local authorities have established. “ Edith

“I am taking family actions. We have an orchard and we are planning at the moment to expand it. We want to have more vegetables, so it is a good time to move to a larger area. This is a family project because we are looking out for our family first and later, for our community.  I think this is a good time to raise awareness within the community on the importance of starting an orchard. We want to have to share our experience and be an example for others. “- Flor

Glendy, Flor and Edith are leading the change in their communities by promoting the defense of justice and equality for people while facing great health, political, social, environmental and economic challenges.

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