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“This is the Footprint We Will Leave”: Building a Nursery in Chuacacay

As a group, we will tell you our story…

blogpic-1We had the opportunity to participate in the community congress in June of 2015; it was very impactful for us to see and hear about the pollution throughout the world, and to realize that in our community we have a lot as well. Our way of life isn’t the best, and because of that we are destroying our world.

In this training we proposed a work plan of planting trees, but in the end decided it would be better to create a nursery.

After leaving the training, we all (6 members) were very motivated to do this project; in the beginning days we had meetings to plan out our time, but within a few days some members stopped coming.

blogpic-2Getting the support of an institution wasn’t easy. From the moment we arrived at the Municipal Building of Santa Apolonia, the mayor of the city demonstrated total indifference to the group and what we wanted to do, and in the end didn’t offer his support to us.

There was a strong loss of motivation in everyone, however as the young leader of the group I was obligated to encourage everyone so that we didn’t end up losing even more members of the group (since there were only 4 of us left), reminding them of what we were trying to accomplish.

We want a green community, with a lot of natural environment, so that our water sources can be strengthened further, so that we and our children will have a better future. The support of our parents was also important in this project.

blogpic-5In the beginning we were afraid because we had no idea how to make a nursery, and we kept looking for support. It was thanks to a group of women that told us about an association that works with nurseries, and we went to get their help.

We were able to get their support! It was the happiest day of all because of this accomplishment; we didn’t think we’d get it, but we did. Throughout the whole process of constructing the nursery we had technical advice, and we were able to have 3,300 trees and produce fertilizer and organic mulch.

blogpic-3In the month of June we planted the trees in different areas of the community.

“Now we know that this is the footprint that we will leave; one day my grandchildren will see the trees and they will say: ‘This is what my grandparents planted. Woow!!’ blogpic-6It’s pretty incredible just to imagine it!!!” said Elena Sisimit, member of the group.

This accomplishment is motivation to take other actions in our family and community. There is more reason to work, we have challenges and many needs in our community, but the little that we do, we do with love for all.

  • Mauro Buc, Leader of the Chuacacay Group

“If one day you feel you can’t go on, remember your dreams, and motivate one another, because only in this way will you achieve so much.” -Mónica  Xicay

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