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Active ECOJUVEM leaders receive their accreditation and a diploma on behalf of the SUCHITOTO INTERSECTORAL BOARD OF ENVIRONMENT.

“El Milagro”
“El Milagro” community dressed for a celebration of the Maize festivities and the international Youth day, with their first cultural festival, where other ecological groups and institutions of Suchitoto were invited.


Evelyn Ruiz, active leader of ECOJUVEM, leading the festival.

The ecological group ECOJUVEM of El Milagro community, in Suchitoto, has focused its work towards sustainable development for the community. An action backing up this goal was the first cultural artistic festival named “Fruits of El Milagro”, that took place amidst the international Youth Day, last September 2nd, 2016, organized by youth in cooperation with all the families of the community, SERES, the Mayor’s Office and “Ayuda en Acción”.

Institutions, organizations and ecological groups of Suchitoto were invited to converse in an environment of peace, tolerance, respect and cooperation,  with artistic and cultural presentations.

Among the attending institutions there were Ayuda en Acción, SERES, the Suchitoto municipal Mayor office, SERCOBA, Equipo Maiz, as well as ecological groups of the communities of Copapayo, Marianela, El Papaturro, Celina Ramos, Valle Verde, El Bario and Sitio Cenicero.


Nature, landscape and climate opened the festival in the morning, encouraging participants to go on a walk and immerse themselves in the natural wealth and the lands full of live of the community, among laughter and amazement, they showed the happiness and ties, interwoven with the young people that attended, to venture into the lands of El Milagro. The meeting point was El Indio waterfall, a mystic and beautiful place that opened its  water veins to welcome its visitors and their energies, witnessing the powerful friendship links created.

Giovanny Chévez, active member of ECOJUVEM, mentioned his motivations to participate and organize this event: “more that just a commemorative day for our community, it was an open door to include and welcome ancient practices such as community organization that had been lost” Chévez stated.

More than 200 people attended the invitation, to take part of this great activity, putting to the test their artistic talent, by dancing, theatre, “viejos” (costumes of mythological figures of El Salvador”), activities and raffles. Also present, the delicious “atolada”, where they could taste atol, tamales, elotes and many other products that come from our main and traditional food “MAIZ”.


With the phrase “Fruits of El Milagro”, the community strengthened its ties of living and friendship with other communities and institutions, also reflecting on the importance of teamwork and cooperation to highlight the skills and abilities of youth.

During the festival, 29 ECOJUVEM active members were accredited, formalizing their commitment as agents and active leaders from El Milagro, receiving an accreditation from Ayuda en Acción, as well as a diploma from the Suchitoto Intersectoral Board of Environment, which integrates 9 organizations.

This was stated by Yeymy Ruiz, ECOJUVEM Coordinator: “We want the youth of Suchitoto to learn what we are doing, Through get-togethers, and exchanges where we can build community and generate positive changes to change the world”.

The lack of organization and opportunities has prevented that we see this young leaders shine, however, since its first convention, facilitated by SERES this past May, this group has emerged again in great apogee regarding environmental empowering, taking the lead on important spaces to improve the environmental situation of the municipality.

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