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Executive Director Announcement

In December last year, we announced the transition of our founder and Executive Director Corrina Grace. After an extensive regional search for our new Executive Director, we are delighted to announce Abigail Quic and Sara Hurtarte as our Co-Executive Directors.

“As the need for SERES programs in Central America continues to grow rapidly, we are fortunate to have these two talented women step into the executive leadership role.”  -Corrina Grace

Abigail Quic first discovered SERES as a youth participant in 2011, alongside what she describes as “her passion to create an even greater impact in her country.” As a SERES Alumni, Abigail was selected as a Fellow of the Australian Leadership Awards in 2012 and the following year joined the SERES team as a youth facilitator. Since 2016, Abigail has been our Guatemalan Coordinator for all youth programs, leading the successful implementation of a large multi-year grant with the InterAmerican Foundation.

We come from two different cultures in Guatemala that have been in constant conflict. Personally, I feel hugely motivated to be able to work together in partnership with Sara from a place of healthy respect and understanding.” – Abigail Quic

Sara Hurtarte first joined SERES in 2016, where she has worked as our Director of Operations and Programs for the last 3 years. In this role, Sara has done a fantastic role of streamlining operations, strengthening partners and building local institutional support for SERES’ youth network.

“Each of us brings different assets and strengths which support the other, and will help us to lead with more wisdom and understanding.” – Sara Hurtarte

As two Guatemalan women, Sara and Abigail bring an innate understanding of the context in which SERES works, the challenges our youth face and a deep commitment towards SERES’ mission and vision. Their partnership also represents a bold step forward in a country marked by decades-long division and conflict between indigenous and non-indigenous (ladino).

As an organization, we believe that this decision to support Abigail and Sara in their Co-Directorship also demonstrates our organizational commitment to local leadership and building a more equitable and inclusive future.

This decision receives the full support and enthusiasm of our staff, board and valued mentors from our wider community.  As Dr. Sherry Miller, long-time champion and President of the SERES board noted: “This is truly leading by example. It thrills me beyond any measure to honor Abigail and Sara’s desire to creatively dare to share this leadership role, modeling our leadership methodology and living our vision in such transformative ways. As a board member, I can confirm that both individually and collectively we are completely committed to supporting them in this role.”

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