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Ways to donate and change lives

Do you want to make an impact or does your business want to support our work? We are grateful for your interest. Thanks to individuals like you, we can put more effort towards creating impact rather than raising money. We have many ways you can help us continue transforming lives and communities across Central America. Read below for more information:

If you’d like to send a check rather than make an online donation, please make the check payable to SERES Global, and mail it to 3865 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland CA 94610, USA.


Provide the Tools for Transformation for just $16/month

Literally a backpack full of soft toys, colored markers, pens, paper and lots of resources to create life- changing experiential learning experiences: by youth, for youth.

Help someone to start their journey for just $30/month

Supports a young person to begin their SERES journey – a safe and inclusive space designed to unlock and maximize their potential to create positive change in themselves and the world around them

Build a leaderful generation for just $42/month

Provide at-risk youth with access to high-quality programs; ongoing support from peers & mentors; personal & professional development opportunities; and a diverse knowledge-base around effective leadership for the 21st Century.

“No other institution or organization is offering such holistic and safe learning spaces as SERES does. Thanks for everything.”

Marta Vargas, SERES Ambassador

“SERES means a lot in my life. It’s a circle of friendship for learning, transformation and personal growth. It’s a place of trust and confidence. As a SERES facilitator, I get to transmit all of this to other people”

Wilson Sánchez, SERES Facilitator

“The tools that SERES teaches us help us to replicate the work in our communities…we can reach more people, empower more youth, and make our action plans at the local level known at the regional level.”

Julio Tojín, SERES Ambassador

“The spaces that SERES provides are places where we can be our full selves – the good and the bad – and that’s always something to appreciate. I feel valued because here it’s not your academic achievements that make a person, it’s the way you think and your ability to keep going…”

Gaspar Laines Juil

“I have felt included and connected from the minute that I became involved (in SERES). It has helped me grow in my own personal leadership. SERES never tells me what to do, but they support me to make the decisions that are right for me.”

Axel Salanic

“To feel that I’m a part of a movement at the level of UNESCO has confirmed for me that I am doing valuable things. I’m fortunate to belong to this global movement for action”

Antonio Cruz Sanchez, SERES co-founder
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