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Collaborating with Pro Mujer

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Pro Mujer officially expanded into Guatemala. SERES is proud to be one of the local partners in Guatemala building new centers to amplify their existing offerings.

Together, we are delivering much-needed services and resources to women and youth, including leadership training, financial literacy, sexual and reproductive health education, digital literacy, as well as entrepreneurial and workforce development skills. SERES is proud to announce the official opening of the Tecpan community center in collaboration with Pro Mujer.

Digital literacy promotes democracy by giving access to a vast repository of knowledge. It also provides a platform from which to speak out and make your views heard. For women in developing countries, the internet is an open doorway to tangible benefits; education and employment opportunities and it is a necessary step on the road to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Tecpan is one of the communities that suffers from the digital divide and SERES seeks to be the bridge to provide access to technology and training. One example of a workshop is the recent digital training with @shevaworld and @promujerlatam. This training promotes the empowerment of women in the digital field in Guatemala. The 35 participants learned basic computer skills needed to navigate the internet, find resources and communicate on a global level.

“We made the introduction of applications on a smart phone and learned how to use security in Facebook, languages on Doulingo, and search video on Youtube. Our youth were excited to have access to technology and begin to understand the fundamentals.” – Glendy, SERES Facilitator

This collaboration draws on Pro Mujer’s three decades worth of expertise in offering an integrated approach to finance, health and educational services to women throughout Latin America and SERES’ award-winning experience in youth leadership development. Research from youth and women led development projects around the world shows that through experiential programming, providing not just with knowledge but skills, attitudes, values and support they need, they will thrive as adults, enjoy good health, succeed economically, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

In addition to the collaboration between SERES and Pro Mujer, the hubs will be a focal point for fostering a cross-sectoral, collaborative approach across multiple NGOs, CBOs and private sector organizations, developing an ecosystem of support and services in service of youth-led community development.

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