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Fuego Aftermath

The aftermath of the June 3rd eruption of Volcan de Fuego, just kilometres from our headquarters in Antigua, Guatemala, has been bewildering and painful for all of those affected, including those of us at SERES. The government has now ended the official search for victims of the disaster, though the eruption’s legacy looms as [...]

SERES Spotlight: Ema López

Leaping into SERES, Leading the Way in Uspantán It's been a busy and action-packed entry into the SERES youth network for Ema López, an 18-year-old young Maya indigenous woman from San Miguel de Uspantán, El Quiché, Guatemala. Ema became involved with SERES thanks to her older sister, Johana, also a SERES youth ambassador, who invited [...]

Building Knowledge Together at the SERES Youth Sustainability Summit On the afternoon of Dec. 1st, nearly 50 youth leaders from El Salvador and Guatemala arrived at the 7th Annual SERES Youth Sustainability Summit, greeting facilitators and one another with smiles and laughs despite the hours of travel many of them had spent in order to arrive at Casa Adulam in Guatemala. Five [...]

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