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Building the Citizen Muscle

Helping young leaders to develop a greater awareness of community challenges and develop proposals that lead to sustainable solutions

As part of the SERES’ learning journey, young people begin to learn about how interconnected socio-political, economic and environmental challenges contribute to the challenging conditions faced in many rural communities in the region. Using citizen-science and participatory research techniques, young people go out into their communities to collect data, stores and statistics about how these issues may have impacted their communities over the years.  , aspects is provided. Using a project research methodology to access information that provides an analysis of the most pressing challenges at a global and community level.

“I am very worried, if we continue like this in a very short time we will not have water anymore. What scares me the most is that we only have one well supplying 5 communities. That’s about 30,000 people. Right now we have water, but we complain quickly whenever it stops. I have a 2yr old son, and I don’t know what his future will look like 20 years from now.”

Yeny Alas – Actívate Laura López

“What I enjoyed most was The Web of Life – it helped me see my role in the community”

“Paola Benavente Hi – Actívate Santo Tomás

“I learned how our extractive economy and scarcity mentality are causing resource grabs but we are not even aware of it. Now as I look around, I see everywhere people using the resources as though they will never run out but already we can see that they are”

Fredis Monroy – Actívate Suchitoto

Through SERES’ community congress known as “Activáte” (Get active in English), participants use what they have learned through their action research to develop an action plan that responds to their greatest concern. During the first 6 months of 2018, 45 action plans were developed. These action plans are then used for a teaching method known as project-based learning, where congress participants will develop their leadership skills, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing an authentic, meaningful project. For many young people, this exercise is their first step in becoming actively involved in their community and the beginning of their leadership journey which often leads to formal leadership positions such as in local government.

17 Recycling and waste management

5 Civic Participation

15 Environmental education

1 Food Sovereignty

4 Water

3 Reforestation

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