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A Network of Youth Ambassadors

One of the strengths of SERES is the network of youth ambassadors in Guatemala and El Salvador. To maintain the involvement in the development of the leadership of our network, we hold national meetings. In Guatemala, in collaboration with “Yo Decido” of San Juan Comalapa, members of our network, hosted the meeting of ambassadors. The convocation, fundraising and logistics coordination was assumed by Elizabeth Machic, Dulgar Garcia, Jesica Semeya, Fredy Sitaví and Juan José Sitaví who managed to summon 15 ambassadors from nine municipalities and manage a budget of $200.00 from the seed fund that is provided from SERES.

The facilitation was by the anthropologist María Falla of DEMOS Jóven, Fredy Sitavi, Flor de Maria and Asel Salanic. Topics included politics and citizenship; fundraising, planning tools for the creation of movement; rights of territories and a session exploring a bit of Guatemalan economic history.

“The young people who participate in the SERES program, they take the baton in the different activities in the communities in different fields, not only in the environmental issue but also on the subjects of organization, prevention of violence, all the issues that have to do with citizenship in the communities that they live and supported by SERES, it shows a great leadership work by them.” Iselda Vega – Help in Action Suchitoto

In this way, SERES continues to build a youth network that shares a compelling vision of the future and develops leadership in a way that is supported internally.

For just $30/month, you can help a young person to begin their SERES journey – a safe and inclusive space designed to unlock and maximize their potential to create positive change in themselves and the world around them.

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