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A little history

Among the historically most relevant eruptions of the Volcán de Fuego, the following stand out:

1582, which destroyed the town of San Pedro Yepocapa.

1585 where there was a rain of pyroclasts.

In 1717 there was a strong eruption that lasted four months and the ash reached Petén and El Salvador.

In 1932 there was a fall of ash that reached Honduras and El Salvador, as well as the fall of the pointed peak of the volcano, fiery and incandescent avalanches.

1953 there was lava flow in the ravines.

1999 pyroclastic flows inside the ravines that are born on the sides of the volcano. Likewise, during the rainy season, Lahares originated, causing the death of 1 person.

2012 strong eruption. Pyroclastic flow inside the ravine, thick ash columns that cover the Panimaché, Panimaché II, Morelia, Porvenir and other villages, forcing the self-evacuation of 5 thousand people towards Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa.

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