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A little history

Among the historically most relevant eruptions of the Volcán de Fuego, the following stand out: 1582, which destroyed the town of San Pedro Yepocapa. 1585 where there was a rain of pyroclasts. In 1717 there was a strong eruption that lasted four months and the ash reached Petén and El Salvador. In 1932 there [...]

Thousands Evacuated

We are continuing to work tirelessly to help ensure the populations impacted by Fuego’s eruption get help and support to move on from the disaster. Throughout July, we countless meetings with organizations, government institutions and NGOs to share data and analyze new needs that have arisen to be able to give solutions The following [...]

Visualizing the Impact

The following interactive map allows you to see the area around Volcán de Fuego, impacted populations and risk from flooding and lahars:

Guatemala’s Fuego Intervention Plan

On July 26, Guatemala’s emergency relief service - CONRED - announced an Intervention Plan in response to the emergency caused by the Volcán de Fuego and explained the risk in which many communities near the Volcano still live. The objective of the plan is to promote procedures so that the people and families of [...]

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