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How much do teenagers of El Salvador know about Human Rights?

María Esperanza Rivas, ambassador of the program SERES, tells us her experience, that began in a classroom at the University of El Salvador. Central America is characterized as a region with constant violations of Human Rights, seriously violating their citizens' security, the constitutional and social state of law, and Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental rights. [...]

Despite great odds, young Guatemalan female leaders grow within SERES

“Equality is still utopic in most cases for young Mayan women. This is clear in the Guatemalan society where prejudices and stereotypes surround any woman walking down the streets in her traditional indigenous dress. Especially in the most important neighborhoods, in the most important Guatemalan cities.” This was noted by Abigail Quic, a young female [...]


Active ECOJUVEM leaders receive their accreditation and a diploma on behalf of the SUCHITOTO INTERSECTORAL BOARD OF ENVIRONMENT. “El Milagro” “El Milagro” community dressed for a celebration of the Maize festivities and the international Youth day, with their first cultural festival, where other ecological groups and institutions of Suchitoto were invited. Evelyn Ruiz, active [...]

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