Short-Term Stays

We believe that the most meaningful collaborations are built out of relationships. And the most meaningful relationships are built out of living, loving, laughing and sharing together. As a guest of the SERES Embassy, we are inviting you to become a part of our coworking and learning community. This isn’t your typical hostel, hotel or B&B. This is a home where the people who live here are dedicated to having a positive impact on this world.

We know and expect that guests are usually traveling for specific projects and collaborations. Similarly, residents are working on their own projects most days. But, just like staying with a friend or family member, it’s nice to hang out a bit, too! So, we request that you do make a little bit of time to interact with people in the house, and for serendipity to occur.


The cost of staying at The SERES Embassy is $30 per night, which covers all of your needs as though you were staying at home: accommodation, food, internet, water, electricity, office space. The cool people we throw in for free!

We use a buy-one-give-one model to ensure that all of our activities include an investment into local youth leadership. For each night you stay, you will also be subsidizing a night for one of SERES youth leaders to have the opportunity to stay with us in a safe, secure, creative and nurturing environment. And if you have enjoyed staying with us, then trust us – it is life-changing for these youth!

Embassy Creed

The following principles guide us in our work, decisions and day-to-day actions in life at SERES Embassy:

We are striving to be a zero-impact household. This is somewhat challenging with the number of people living here, but it can be done. As a guest, we ask that you follow our guidelines for sustainability by preserving resources, minimizing waste, following our simple guidelines, and even thinking about investing in a young local leader when you leave!

  • That everyone has a unique and valuable story to tell, and we must always practice deep listening
  • That diversity – biological and cultural – is the key to sustainable life on Earth
  • That learning is not related to an ability to learn, but an opportunity. It is a process that happens every day, all around us
  • That education must engage both the mind AND the heart, in collaboration and synergy


To encourage creativity, diversity, fun and laughter we try and keep our space lively, interesting and dynamic. The diversity of people staying here usually facilitates this experience however we also aid to that by organizing a variety of events such as movie nights, dinners, discussions and workshops.

One of our most important traditions is our weekly community potluck meal. The sole purpose of this meal is to take time out to just be, to appreciate all that we have, and to honor all that we love. It’s a time for the “in-between” time, when there’s no set topic or purpose except sharing space with other interesting folks. If it’s at all possible for you to attend, we strongly encourage you to do so.


As a collaborative living/working space, any person (that includes you) that is a part of our community has an integral contribution to the wellbeing of that community. There are infinite ways that you can contribute – cooking a meal for everyone, bringing something special from your hometown, playing music, hosting a discussion, bringing wine or spirits (bonus points for homebrew); helping clean up (we’ll forgive you for putting things back in weird places); painting a mural or making the house shine even more; leaving a copy of a book you enjoyed; fix, build, or document something; teaching a short class related to your craft, asking someone how their day was. And most importantly follow the bliss of your spirit! We believe in building a community for the greater good!