Our Philosophy

SERES exists to empower local leaders through collaboration to accelerate actions towards a more sustainable future.

Smart Solutions

Driving practical, creative and locally-appropriate solutions to community-identified problems

· Environmental education
· Civil and political engagement
· Biodiversity conservation
· Environmental protection
· Sustainable livelihoods
· Food sovereignty and sustainability

Locally Driven

Transformative leadership and development programs for emerging young leaders

· Support a rapidly-growing network of change-makers and entrepreneurs throughout Guatemala and El Salvador
· Inspire passionate, committed and forward-thinking leaders
· Offer capacity and skills building of local change-makers
· Educate young people on today’s environmental problems

Globally Connected

Connecting local and global leaders with tools, resources and expertise to accelerate impact

· Connect local leaders with outside experts to provide problem-specific assistance
· Provide seed-funding and grant support to local projects
· Offer capacity building programs, workshops and demonstrations through a central hub
· Facilitate meaningful dialogue for effective and efficient collaborations

Read more about our Transformative Sustainability Leadership (TSL) theory and programs in our Program Synopsis and Theory of Change.