• SERES Spotlight: Wilson Sánchez, El Papaturro, El Salvador

    Inspiring and Transforming Youth The Northern Triangle, made up of the countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, is a region that has many natural resources and a great diversity of cultures. But perhaps its most important resource is…Youth! More than 52% of the population is under the age of

  • Building Knowledge Together at the SERES Youth Sustainability Summit

    On the afternoon of Dec. 1st, nearly 50 youth leaders from El Salvador and Guatemala arrived at the 7th Annual SERES Youth Sustainability Summit, greeting facilitators and one another with smiles and laughs despite the hours of travel many of them had spent in order to arrive at Casa Adulam

  • “Unlearning” Entrepreneurship

    With much curiosity, wanting to discover what is not yet seen Dreams Persist A lot of young people want to do something different, leave a mark and be remembered. Some of us have dreams, some make it happen, and some don’t, with the same old excuse: “There are no economic

  • Meeting of Youth Peace-Builders in Colombia

      Connecting as agents of change and architects of peace SERES was part of a youth conference Oct. 27 – 29 in Montería, Colombia, where we had the opportunity to share with other Latin-American organizations supported by the Inter-American Foundation, and learn about social intervention methodologies to face violence that

  • “This is the Footprint We Will Leave”: Building a Nursery in Chuacacay

    As a group, we will tell you our story… We had the opportunity to participate in the community congress in June of 2015; it was very impactful for us to see and hear about the pollution throughout the world, and to realize that in our community we have a lot