Mary Rivas

What inspires you to be a positive influence in the world?

I am inspired to make a positive change because I have the obligation and duty to change my attitude in order to make our world a better place. We do not have two planets, only one and we are destroying it and need to change.

What combination of talents and passion you offer as a Local Ambassador for SERES?

I fully believe in the diversity of art (music, singing, theater, painting and dancing……) combined with leadership. We can complement this and work towards the same goal in order to Change our World!!

What inspires you to invest time and energy as a Local SERES Ambassador?

I believe that we can be part of a better world and together we can improve it. I believe that religion, nationality, language or color is not important if we are working towards a better world that is to improve our planet.

If you could change anything from our reality, what would you change and why?

would change the attitude of conformity and “blindness” that exists in relation to what is happening with the destruction of our planet. We do not want to see that we are accelerating the disappearance of nature, blaming others when we are also contributing to the problem.